Fagor Ederlan Group inaugurates two new plants in Mexico

More than 80 million euros were invested in both projects, which have a workforce of approximately 350 workers.
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Feb 28, 2018

The Basque group located in Eskoriatza, Gipuzkoa, has inaugurated two new plants for the manufacture of automotive components in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

FEderlan México

The setting up of these plants in the Aztec country addresses the strategy of complementing the company’s capability to offer chassis and powertrain components, already consolidated in Europe, Asia and South America for the products that require a global approach.

More than 80 million euros were invested in both plants, which have a workforce of approximately 350 workers. The adequate progress of the Mexican branches, whose production facilities are in fact at full capacity, will set out the possibility of a subsequent capacity increase.

Gisederlan S.A. de C.V.

The first of the inaugurated production plants, Gisederlan S.A. de C.V., is the result of the collaboration agreement between Fagor Ederlan Group and Grupo Industrial Saltillo (GIS). This factory aims to address the needs of the North American automotive sector, and it will allow completing the portfolio of iron products of both groups.

The joint venture has a production capacity of 3.5 million of machined units, and its focus is producing iron safety components such as hose reels, brake discs, differential gearboxes and flywheels, among others, particularly the machining and assembly of bimetal discs for high-end vehicles.

Fagor Ederlan México S.A. de C.V.

The second inaugurated plant, Fagor Ederlan México, S.A. de C.V., is dedicated to the manufacture of aluminium steering knuckles for premium global clients. Nowadays, it has a workforce of approximately 280 workers and annual production capacity of more than 2 million cast and machined components. The factory uses the same technology and processes that have made Fagor Ederlan the market leader regarding this type of components.

A broad representation of Mexican and Basque authorities attended the inaugural event led by the secretary of economic development of the State of San Luis Potosí, Gustavo Puente Orozco, and the delegate of Basque country in Mexico, Ibon Mendibelzua.  The main economic stakeholders of the region, managers and members of the management bodies of Fagor Ederlan Group and GIS, as well as the workers from both companies, attended the opening events.

About Fagor Ederlan Group

Fagor Ederlan Group is a leading supplier of chassis and powertrain automotive components offering comprehensive market solutions in all the product lines.  The leading vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 are Fagor Ederlan Group’s clients. Its clear mission to serve has made from it a global supplier with 20 plants and productive alliances in the main regions of the sector such as Europe, Mercosur, Asia, and NAFTA.

With more than 4000 professionals, as a cooperative inside MONDRAGON Corporation, its raison d'être and the motor of its activity is to generate employment and wealth in its environment. In 2017, it reached a turnover of approximately 600 million euros, and a 10% growth is forecasted for this fiscal year 2018.

About Grupo Industrial Saltillo (GIS)

Grupo Industrial Saltillo manufactures and commercializes auto-parts (iron or aluminum foundry and machining), Construction (water heaters, pipe fittings, ceramic and porcelain coverings) and Houseware (tableware and kitchenware products) Sectors.

Grupo Industrial Saltillo brings together the talent of 8,000 employees in 25 production units, with operations in Mexico, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, and China; as well as market and distribution presence in the USA.

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