Erreka strives for innovation in the field of wind energy

Aitor Sotes

Erreka strives for innovation in the field of wind energy

Erreka Fastening Solutions together with MONDRAGON promotes HWS Concrete Towers. Diversification, knowledge, collaboration and innovation. These are the main pillars of Erreka Fastening Solutions´ strategy.
Oct 22, 2020

Erreka will collaborate with HWS Concrete Towers, a leading start-up company in solutions for the wind energy and Civil Engineering sector. Its objective is to create value propositions in the market through synergies with third parties and to implement innovation in its processes.

Erreka Fastening Solutions is a business unit of Erreka Group with over 60 years' experience in the development,engineering, and manufacturing products, designed especially for -critical bolted joints. In line with its core strategy, Erreka would like to announce the signing of  the  co-financing and collaboration agreement with HWS Concrete Towers, a leader in the wind energy sector.

Design and smart construction

HWS Concrete Towers is renowned for its impact and innovation in the field of wind and renewable energy. The company creates and offers solutions and systems that are unique in the market, distinguished by their sustainability, profitability and simplicity of installation. 

Amongst its products, we can highlight the following: 

  • AirCRANE, self-climbing crane for the installation of unlimited-height wind turbines
  • AirTOWER, a patented solution for concrete tower sections
  • AirBASE, a lightweight precast modular foundation for wind turbines.

Erreka Fastening Solutions is committed to this project, and will share its knowledge of innovative design in bolted joints, with the aim of adding value to precast concrete construction.

Value proposition 

Erreka is competitive in the market thanks to its knowledge and experience in specific niches, such as wind power, thermal engines, civil engineering, oil&gas and aeronautics, among others. 

Erreka Fastening Solutions promotes collaboration and shares its expertise in the industry with the ambition of finding and developing new innovation opportunities in various markets. 

Therefore, the cooperation with HWS allows Erreka to access a vast contact network, to work on smart concrete design, and to strengthen its competitiveness in the field of wind energy. 

About Erreka Group

Erreka faces the future based on its experience and knowledge as a cooperative, and is aware of the market needs and opportunities. Its capacity for diversification and innovation, allows Erreka to distinguish itself for its unique range of products, and services in its three areas of business: 

  • Erreka Fastening Solutions, manufacture of hot-forged fasteners for wind power and construction
  • Erreka Plastics, manufacture of automotive industry custom plastic injection moulding
  • Erreka Access, manufacture and installation of automatic pedestrian doors and automatic barriers to manage vehicle access in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Erreka employs approximately 400 workers. Half of them work from the headquarters in Antzuola and from Bergara (spain) . The rest are distributed in production plants and branches in seven countries. In recent years, Erreka has created employment at a sustained rate. Its objective is to continue growing, with highly educated and qualified professionals, eager to be part of its projects, and skilled in the 4.0 industry practices. 

Erreka is part of the MONDRAGON Corporation, one of the most important business groups in Europe. The co-operative group has over 60 years' experience and competes in the global market with its own model based on co-operative values. With more than 81,000 staff members in 150 countries, MONDRAGON Corporation promotes development in the fields of finance, industry, distribution and knowledge.