Soraluce obtains the prestigious LEED Certificate

Soraluce thus reaffirms its commitment to environmental sustainability.
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May 02, 2024

Soraluce, a leader in milling, boring, multifunction, and automation solutions, has received the prestigious LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for its new assembly plant, located at its headquarters in the Osintxu neighborhood, in Bergara. 

The new plant, which was inaugurated in June 2023 by the Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu Renteria, has a built area of 2,500 m² (thus reaching a total manufacturing area of 30,000 m² for Soraluce), divided into an industrial section for machine assembly and an annex building for offices and dressing rooms.

Being the first means being at the forefront, looking where others don't, and having a desire for continuous improvement. Thus, at Soraluce, the growing awareness of environmental, social, and industrial challenges leads to building towards the future.

The new assembly plant is designed and built from a sustainable perspective and has been awarded the LEED GOLD certification, being the first in its sector to obtain this certification.

This achievement highlights Soraluce's ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and to the design and construction of sustainable, technologically advanced buildings integrated with their surroundings. The LEED certificate, awarded by the US Green Building Council, recognizes and values organizations' efforts to design, build, and operate environmentally friendly and resource-efficient buildings.


Among the project's highlights that contributed to obtaining this prestigious certification are: the building's geometry, its envelope, glazing, facade orientation, water consumption reduction, land occupancy and landscaping, project lifecycle, and many other aspects.

  • Energy Efficiency: Implementation of technologies and practices that significantly reduce energy consumption, contributing to climate change mitigation. The plant has a 131 kW photovoltaic installation that provides 55% of the building's consumed energy.
  • Water Management: Innovative strategies for sustainable water management, including consumption reduction and implementation of recycling systems. Even the planting of native species has been carried out to eliminate the need for irrigation.
  • Sustainable Materials: Selection of construction materials and finishes that minimize environmental impact and promote sustainable production. Finishing materials, thermal insulation, ceilings, and partitions with low emissions and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content have been used.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality: Focus on creating healthy and comfortable indoor spaces for occupants, promoting productivity and well-being.
  • Location and Transportation: 5% of the parking spaces are reserved for preferential parking spaces for ECO vehicles with charging points. Bicycle racks have also been installed to promote and facilitate eco-friendly and healthy mobility.

Rafael Idigoras, Managing Director of Soraluce, commented on this achievement: "We are always thinking about tomorrow, from local to global; since this LEED certification not only looks at the construction process but also verifies that our new building in Osintxu (Bergara) has been built to eco-efficient standards, also valuing its waste management, energy consumption inside, or the commitment to green mobility. We are excited to receive the LEED certificate, which reflects our firm commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. This achievement is the result of the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as our vision to lead the change towards more sustainable business practices."

This milestone not only demonstrates Soraluce's excellence in terms of business management but also reinforces its position as a leader and example of the industry's commitment to building a greener and more sustainable future.

"We have been revolutionizing our sector for over six decades, and now, we reinforce our leadership with the achievement of this LEED GOLD certification. Because there is always someone who dares to try. Someone who sees it first, imagines it, thinks about it, understands it, believes it, and creates it. That's why our new claim 'There is only one first' is for us a message of motivation. One that pushes us even more to work every day toso

Osintxu Bizi

SORALUCE S.Coop. actively contributes to sustainable development and generating a positive impact on society and its closest environment, a faithful reflection of the cooperative values and principles that guide its activity. Concepts such as job creation, fair distribution of wealth, cooperation and intercooperation, social transformation, and commitment are part of its DNA. 

The new assembly plant represents an expansion of Soraluce's local industrial capacity and also enhances an industrial land currently unused, thus improving the public urbanization of this area and the integration and regeneration of the urban and industrial areas of the Osintxu neighborhood.

In addition to decisively betting on the sustainable development of its business activity in the neighborhoods of Osintxu and Mekolalde in Bergara, Soraluce is an active part of the Osintxu Bizi project, a collaborative platform integrated by the Bergara City Council, SORALUCE S.Coop., and neighborhood residents that promotes progress from a multidimensional approach covering economic, urban, environmental, and social aspects. Specifically, improving facilities, public spaces, equipment, mobility, commercial activity, and everything that leads to making life in the neighborhood better and more attractive, and promoting its prosperity. The project, which has been active since 2021, has allowed, among other initiatives, the reopening of the neighborhood's Haur Eskola since that same year.

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