Junior Co-operatives will help set up new co-operatives in the field of education

Jul 11, 2013

The Enpresagintza (Business Studies) faculty in Oñati was the setting for the presentation of Junior Co-operatives, a new legal structure to protect and help set up co-operatives in the field of education. Junior Co-operatives will meet the needs of Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation (LEINN) students in their learning process and in setting up co-operatives. The Basque Prime Minister, Iñigo Urkullu; the rector of the University of Mondragon, Iosu Zabala; the LEINN student, Oihana Astigarraga; and the coach from Team Academy in Finland, Sari Veripáa, all took part in the presentation.

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IK4-Lortek presents its advances in research in maxillofacial surgery

Apr 11, 2013

IK4-LORTEK shows the premiere results of the research made in association with the Hospital of Basurto concerning to the design and manufacturing of custom prostheses for maxillofacial surgery.

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Cooperatives 2030: Some Factors Impacting the Future of Cooperatives and Business

(Study conducted by PROSPEKTIKER in collaboration with LKS, MONDRAGON, and The Millennium Project in 2012). Globalization via the Internet is changing business. Customers are increasingly becoming partners with producers of goods and services. Individuals are becoming international businesses with little effort. Non-profit businesses are being created by top business school graduates. New means of production via open-source software and hardware are being freely distributed to individuals for manufacturing via 3D printers and movie making and distribution via YouTube.

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Universities and The IYC

More than a decade ago an international group of co-operatives formed the Co-operative Management Education Co-operative to address the failure of university business schools and universities generally to reflect the existence and role of co-operatives in economies and societies around the world. In the English speaking world only one business school course existed on co-operatives. Most business school text books and learning materials dismissed co-operatives or ignored them. Some were hostile.

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