MONDRAGON celebrates The World Health Day

Apr 06, 2016

MONDRAGON Corporation is organizing a conference focused on reinventing the food system and its production, distribution and service for a healthier humanity and planet in the 21st century.

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The Kingdom of Bahrain's Health Minister welcomes Smart Health Services (Mondragon Health)

Nov 19, 2014

SHS aims to extend its international presence with commercial activities in both South America and the Persian Gulf, where it sees real business opportunities.

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The alliance between Kiro Robotics and Onkologikoa has achieved the most advanced technology for hospital pharmacy worldwide

Jan 24, 2014

When administering chemotherapy treatment there is a very subtle difference between a dose that cures and one that causes a patient problems. Administration of chemotherapy is an extremely high risk process that has now found an essential partner in the form of a robot, which after several months’ testing is now “working” as a preparer of individual chemotherapy doses at Onkologikoa, the only monographic cancer treatment centre in the Basque Country.

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