Copreci Website now in chinese

May 26, 2015

Copreci has recently added a new language to its website: Chinese. The need for this new language has resulted from the growing importance of the Asian market to Copreci.

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Copreci wins the Whirlpool Supplier Quality Excellence Award

May 25, 2015

Copreci has received the Supplier Quality Excellence Award from Whirlpool for its excellent work on tumble dryer gas valves for the American market.

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Copreci’s electrobombs can be found in 10 out of the best 12 dishwashers according to Consumer Reports

Apr 27, 2015

Consumer Reports is a very prestigious magazine from the United States, and has an independent character. Since 1936, it works for the consumers through its qualifications and inpartial evaluations of different products and their research.

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Ecoflow, Copreci´s new control system for the hearth industry

Feb 26, 2015

A revolutionary control system featuring thermocouple flame sense technology. The Ecoflow system is characterized by its ease of use, safety and quick response. It is a fully configurable system that allows from a simple ON / OFF function to the thermostatic option or even the real flame option.

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Copreci Turkey presents a video on the occasion of its tenth anniversary

Nov 11, 2014

Last October Copreci Turkey, the production plant located in Gebze has celebrated its tenth anniversary, and to celebrate it presented a video where workers talk about their experience in Copreci.

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Visit from the Ecuadorian Competition Minister

Oct 14, 2014

The visit took place under the Ecuadorian government's “Efficient cooking” programme which aims to replace 3.5 million gas cookers with induction cookers. The minister visited the MONDRAGON, IK4-Ikerlan, Copreci and Fagor Electrónica cooperative centre.

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Copreci wins patent conflict against Brinkmann Corporation

Jun 23, 2014

Both parties reached an agreement after the lawsuit brought against the multinational by Aretxabaleta Co-op for patent violation with Georgia North District Court in the US.

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Copreci receives a "Vesta award" for innovation at the HPBA EXPO in Salt Lake City (Utah)

Mar 13, 2014

After the 50th Anniversary, which was celebrated in 2013, Copreci keeps celebrating. This time Copreci was honoured with an Innovation award in the Hearth/BBQ components sector and also a finalist award in the Hearth category.

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Copreci launches Wanagement, a range of energy-efficient products

Feb 28, 2014

The Copreci cooperative, Aretxabaleta (Gipuzkoa), has launched the new series of "Wanagement" (Water management). Products has a common feature: energy efficiency with reduced consumption of electricity, as well as significant noise reduction.

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W.C. Bradley CEO visits MONDRAGON Corporation

Sep 23, 2013

Mark Olivié, CEO of the US company W.C. Bradley, has visited the Corporation. W.C. Bradley operates a number of different businesses, and one of them, Char Broil, a leading manufacturer of gas grills, has been a preferential client of Copreci’s for over 25 years.This important visit took place as part of Copreci’s 50th anniversary celebrations. W.C. Bradley and Char Broil are companies with historic ties to Copreci, as the Aretxabaleta-based firm has been manufacturing valves for their gas grills for more than 25 years. Indeed, they started manufacturing the valves in Aretxabaleta; later Copreci opened a plant in Mexico where they continued to manufacture valves for this leading company in the gas grill market; and when the US company expanded into China, Copreci was right behind them.

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