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Agents of the British distribution chain John Lewis visits MONDRAGON

May 09, 2016

A first level delegation from the British distribution chain John Lewis visited EROSKI and MONDRAGON Corporation last week.

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MONDRAGON Congress 2015

Nov 26, 2015

The “MONDRAGON of the Future” project is at the analysis by co-operatives stage.

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MONDRAGON cooperatives in industrial sector create 1.000 jobs in 2014

Jul 14, 2015

The Corporation’s cooperatives have 74,117 workers. Last year, sales totalled about €11,000 million, while investment amounted to €345 million.

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Javier Sotil appointed President of the MONDRAGON General Council

Nov 17, 2014

The Standing Committee of the MONDRAGON Cooperative Congress today agreed to appoint Javier Sotil as the next Chairman of the MONDRAGON Corporation’s General Council.

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Visit from the Ecuadorian Competition Minister

Oct 14, 2014

The visit took place under the Ecuadorian government's “Efficient cooking” programme which aims to replace 3.5 million gas cookers with induction cookers. The minister visited the MONDRAGON, IK4-Ikerlan, Copreci and Fagor Electrónica cooperative centre.

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“The Congress has established the Centro Stirling as an important international organisation for the development and application of these technologies”

Oct 03, 2014

Following a hectic few days, Javier Aranceta from his office at the Centro Stirling in Aretxabaleta tells TU lankide what the organisation of the International Congress has meant for the centre. We could not be more positive “as we achieved nearly all of our goals”. Paul Verhoef, Director of the European Commission's European Renewable and Alternative Energies Research Unit praised the work at the centre, part of MONDRAGON Corporation.

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Energy efficiency meets in Bilbao

Jul 15, 2014

The Euskalduna Conference Center will host the 16th International Stirling Engine Conference, three days to share knowledge and applications of energy efficiency and "green" technologies. The city of Bilbao will bring together the Stirling world's elite applied to energy efficiency and renewable energy, in an event that will take place on 24, 25 and 26 September in the Euskalduna Conference Center.

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Visit of the chief representative of MONDRAGON in Vietnam

Apr 08, 2014

Nguyen Thanh Phong, Chief representative of MONGRAGON in Vietnam for the past five years, has visited the corporation these days. We have taken advantage of he’s visit to get a closer view on the development of the asian country.

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MONDRAGON reaffirms its full confidence in the co-operative model

Oct 25, 2013

MONDRAGON Corporation has reaffirmed the validity and strength of its co-operative model, in which the principal focus is on people and solidarity, which has enabled the co-operatives to develop as a group and become a benchmark for work in co-operation.

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W.C. Bradley CEO visits MONDRAGON Corporation

Sep 23, 2013

Mark Olivié, CEO of the US company W.C. Bradley, has visited the Corporation. W.C. Bradley operates a number of different businesses, and one of them, Char Broil, a leading manufacturer of gas grills, has been a preferential client of Copreci’s for over 25 years.This important visit took place as part of Copreci’s 50th anniversary celebrations. W.C. Bradley and Char Broil are companies with historic ties to Copreci, as the Aretxabaleta-based firm has been manufacturing valves for their gas grills for more than 25 years. Indeed, they started manufacturing the valves in Aretxabaleta; later Copreci opened a plant in Mexico where they continued to manufacture valves for this leading company in the gas grill market; and when the US company expanded into China, Copreci was right behind them.

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