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Fagor Ederlan

Ford awards Fagor Ederlan

Jun 06, 2017

The cooperative was finalist in the Ford Annual World Excellence Awards.

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Fagor Ederlan Group reaches 560 million in sales for 2016

Feb 14, 2017

Fagor Ederlan ended 2016 with milestones and relevant events such as its appearance at the latest IZB 2016 trade fair, being recipient of the British Foundry Medal and its consolidation as a global reference supplier within the sector.

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Fagor Ederlan expands its industrial mould and tooling construction activity

Jan 09, 2017

It will move its industrial mould construction activity for its Aluminium plants to the former Fagor Electrodomésticos refrigerator plant.

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Edertek was awarded the British Foundry Medal 2016 by the Institute of Cast Metal Engineers

Nov 28, 2016

Last October, Patxi Rodriguez and Edurne Otxoa were awarded the "British Foundry Medal" awarded to the best article published in 2015 in the specialized magazine "Foundry Trade Journal".

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Fagor Ederlan will start up two new “Low Pressure Aluminium Casting” plants

May 06, 2016

One of them in San Luis Potosí (Mexico) and the second in Bergara (Gipuzkoa). The investments to undertake both projects amount to €85 million. 300 new jobs will be created.

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Fagor Ederlan receives `best plant' Industrial Excellence award 2015 from PSA Peugeot Citroën

Jul 06, 2015

16th June, PSA Peugeot Citroën presented Fagor Ederlan the `best plant´ Supplier Award for Industrial Excellence 2015 for its brake disc plant.

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Fagor Ederlan and GIS constitute a Joint Venture for the implementation of a new production plant in Mexico

Feb 18, 2015

The new project represents an investment of more than 40 million Euro in five years, allowing the creation of 140 new Jobs.

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Fagor Ederlan and Infun seal an agreement for the implementation of a new plant in China

Apr 15, 2014

Fagor Ederlan, belonging to the MONDRAGON Corporation, and the Infun Group have signed a collaboration agreement to set up a new production plant in China. The new joint venture will go into operation this year and will specialise in the machining of metal components for the Automotive Industry. The agreement also includes the manufacture of cast iron components in the plant that the Infun group currently owns in Wuhu.

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Fagor Ederlan acquires a major stake in the share capital of Comarth Engineering, leading manufacturer of electric goods vehicles nationwide

Nov 12, 2013

The aim is to become one of Europe's leading electric goods vehicle producers. Fagor Ederlan, belonging to the MONDRAGON Corporation, and Comarth Engineering, manufacturer of electric vehicles, have just announced an agreement under which Ederlan invests in Comarth’s share capital to become one of the major shareholders, along with the current shareholders, the majority holder Demeter and the founder Antonio Martinez.

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Fagor Ederlan and Asteria Performance sign an agreement to launch the new generation of air brakes for the European market

Apr 18, 2013

The signing of an agreement between Fagor Ederlan and Asteria Performance is the basis of a new business to manufacture and supply advanced braking solutions for the Heavy Truck Industry. Have signed an agreement that will allow Fagor Ederlan, supported by Asteria Performance, a Canadian company, to start up a new commercial activity to industrialize and supply an advanced braking system for commercial vehicle applications in Europe.

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